John Pomp, founder of John Pomp studios, began his journey to master-craftsman in his early life while watching his father work as a carpenter. Soon after, he was introduced to glassblowing through his mentor, sculptor and good friend whom he studied with for many years. From there on, he was determined to dedicate his life to his passion of mastering the art of glass making. After studying the ancient art of venetian glassblowing by maestros from Murano Italy, Pomp spent 10 years of his early career in NYC where he gained notoriety with his artfully crafted collections created primarily from glass. John’s philosophy to creating his collection essentially melds his eastern heritage with his western background. Using nature as his inspiration, John utilizes its intrinsic organic, “wabi-sabi” principles and fuses it with his contemporary style, forming a unique approach to this old-world art of glass making. John Pomp’s work exemplifies the purity of natural materials while embracing their inherent historical and elemental qualities – yielding a simple, organic modern aesthetic. John Pomp’s 20 years of undying passion and devotion to his craft is reflected in each piece of his collection which is meticulously crafted by hand in his multi-disciplinary studios in Philadelphia.