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Sculptures That Light the Way

Ugo in the Studio

"It is a sculpture with a light inside—or a light that likes to go around the world dressed up as something special."

Ugo Cacciatori for Henge
About Ugo Cacciatori

Ugo Cacciatori was born into a dynasty of marble quarry owners and artists. He moved outside the family business, launching his creative career in architecture, then shifting into fashion and jewelry. With his sculptural, alluring lighting collection, he circles back to his roots and embraces the allure of marble. In partnership with Henge, Ugo creates exceptional, beautifully diffuse lighting out of stone.

Lighting That Doesn’t Look Like It.

Drawing on his architectural, fashion, and jewelry background, Ugo applies a nuanced, artistic, and romantic approach to lighting. According to Ugo, a lamp is just a screen. Typically, when you turn off a lamp, it still looks like a lamp. Embracing his intimate knowledge of stone, he set out to create something different. It’s a sculpture, a unique shape, with lighting inside.

Ugo was inspired to use a solid piece of stone with space inside for light. Marble, travertine, and white onyx are the host to let beautifully diffused light shine through. Two of his creations, Test-One and Test-Two, are sculptural stone lamps with hollowed monolithic diffuser elements.

Whether on or off, he wants his creations to be equally beautiful. These sculptures are minimalist in shape, primitive in style, yet sensual. For example, in the Test series, there is no switch. You simply touch a rotating brass ring on the side to turn it on or dim it.

Form + Function = Instant Classic

“When I design, I design something to be an instant classic. Not fashionable, nothing trendy. Just an expression of culture, life, and where it is from.”

Ugo enjoys researching people, materials, and techniques. Always curious, he draws from what is around us in nature across the globe. He is fearless in his designs, forging his own path for creating something balanced and beautiful.

Why Lighting Design?

Ugo does not consider himself an artist—he makes shapes with a function. An artist’s sculpture alone doesn’t have a function. “What I create is still a light and has to have a function,” says Ugo. Discussing the function of his pieces, he comments that you don’t have to use glass in fixtures. As Ugo puts it, “You just have to diffuse the light…You can use travertine as the host and the light just comes through.”

What’s the Big Takeaway?

It’s not about trends. It’s about being on time. That’s the magic of this powerful collaboration with Henge. Ugo and Henge know how to wait for the wave and arrive on time—with exceptional creations to make a space shine.

Test three Joint

"These sculptures are minimalist in shape, primitive in style,
yet sensual.

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