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Tony Binthesky is standing and fixing the crystal lights

“Lighting creates a feeling; it offers a stage for how the room will turn out.”

Tony Brenta
About Phoenix Day

Phoenix Day has been creating lighting fixtures and metal work since 1850. Family-owned Phoenix Day is considered the sixth oldest continually operating business in San Francisco. The company illuminated its city with the first fueled street lanterns. Phoenix Day’s handmade, creative, and timeless lighting fixtures, including one-of-a-kind custom products, are crafted entirely in the United States.

The Third Generation Keeps the Flame Alive.

We spoke with Tony Brenta, third-generation owner and operator. He started working at the company he now leads when he was 14 as his summer job. After college, he considered going into the restaurant business, but luckily for the lighting world, he returned to Phoenix Day. The rest is history.

Today, Phoenix Day continues to stay ahead of changing times by combining their historic traditions with a forward-looking aesthetic.

The Inspiration— Lighting Creates a Feeling.

“People don’t need to see the light source, but what the light brings to the space—what it allows the space to be.”

Our conversation opened with a discussion of the role lighting plays in interior design. Lighting has become more integral to the design of rooms and has many purposes, including:

  • Lighting the space
  • Letting someone read
  • Highlighting something in the room
LED Revolution.

“We offer the first decorative line with a purpose and a plan for the planet.”

Tony stressed that Phoenix Day products are

decorative but with a purpose. It’s about creating beautiful light sources that create a mood—while being energy efficient and cognizant of their effect on the planet. He feels that LED technology is the future.

The ability to dim a space properly is crucial for any fixture. That’s why Tony loves the new warm dim feature in LED lights. As you dim the fixture, the temperature warms up, making it possible to achieve the desired mood.

Form & Function.

“Phoenix Day does not follow trends—it sets them.”

Tony falls in love with great design first and foremost. His process is to focus on the actual look and feel of the fixture itself, and then tie in the equally essential function.

The material comes into play, with metals and glass diffusing the light. Metal goes in trends, but whether it is stainless steel, bronze, or brass, Tony notes that Phoenix Day always try to stay ahead of the curve. He loves materials like travertine discs on the wall for a fabulous halo effect. Process matters as well. For example, when metal is cast vs. fabricated, the lines are softer.

Custom Rules.

Phoenix Day does a great deal of custom work for interior designers now and always will. With top quality finish options and customization expertise, Phoenix Day produces unique fixtures that express the creative vision of its clients. When both parties agree, Phoenix Day will sometimes put the resulting creations out to the world in the Phoenix Day collection.

What’s the Big Takeaway?
It All Comes Down to Taste.

Rooted in history, the company creates well-designed fixtures that are carefully thought-out and produced to exacting standards. Phoenix Day offers timeless, quality lighting.

"We offer the first decorative line with a purpose and a plan for the planet."

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