Leather | Versatility in Furniture & Upholstery

"Leather is beautiful, natural, durable, and sustainable, but its versatility is what leaves me in awe of this luxurious yet approachable material."

- Thomas Hunter

Giorgetti’s Borealis | Designer Roberto Lazzeroni | Screen consisting of three rotating doors with aluminium frame and two-colour leather bands.

Artisanal craftwork at its best.

Leather making is a true artisanal craft rooted in history. The art of making beautiful leather is a process led by families and craftspeople with a passion for the product, and a skill that is developed and passed down from generation to generation. It is a craft that can only be learned and honed by doing it for years.

Building on this base of craftwork, we see another layer of artisans, designers with a passion for beautiful things, who choose leather as their medium to create unique applications for the high-end residential market. These designers invite leather to shine, to breathe life into a product, a space, and to project the pure essence of luxury—the icing on the proverbial cake.

Our showroom is filled with these creative products that embraces leather.

A natural, sustainable choice.

Leather is beautiful, especially in its most natural state, without pigments and topcoats weighing it down—but it is so much more. It’s a natural, sustainable, renewable material.

Full cycle sustainability
The best leather comes from European tanneries that purchase leather as a by-product of the meat industry, bringing its sustainability full circle. While I applaud vegans and vegetarians for their choices, if some people eat meat, using the leather creates less waste in the process.

Long Lasting = less waste
Leather is durable—five times that of fabric—and will last longer, which means less waste. Unlike the PU, PVC, and polyurethane-based components found in vinyl and many other materials, or in the processes of making them, leather is both natural and lasts.

No toxins or off-gassing
In my experience with the leather used by my vendors, it is approved by many strict organizations (UL Greenguard, Mindful Materials, etc) and follows all environmental standard and requirements in Europe as well as in local tanneries. There are no toxins or off-gassing.
We must reduce plastics in all its forms and using leather helps.

Edelman Leather | Royal Hide on chairs | European full grain aniline-dyed cowhide.


Leather evokes a feeling
The essence of leather is almost undefinable yet so desirable. Leather has that smell that takes you places—a VIP lounge or club, an executive conference room where big decisions are made, or in front of a roaring fire at a mountain ski lodge. To touch leather is to feel refined, glamorous. It’s soft, luxuriant, and brings you back to nature. The idea that we can love it, use it, and see it patina over time, becoming more beautiful with each use, is part of the magic.

Good leather costs a bit more upfront but is an investment in the future. Furniture upholstered in leather will age gracefully and become an heirloom to be passed on for generations. Your leather sofa will outlive you. Leather has a soul of its own—hear it breathe.

A bit of history on leather’s versatility.

In sport, boxing became popular in the early 19th century, giving way to leather boxing gloves that served to protect, soften a blow, and prove leather’s durability. Karl Lagerfeld reinterpreted the classic punching bag with elegance, offering subtle but visceral luxury for the sports enthusiast.

Leather is the original upholstery material and the desired material for some of the world’s most coveted accessories. Leather is one of the most versatile materials for interiors, offering many ways for it to live in your home.

Leather upholstery—from our showroom to your life.
At home, upholstery is the easy way to invite leather in. Go bold with jewelry piece statements for a touch of wow. Feel confident with a long-lasting leather family room sectional for a warm gathering space.

Live with leather in all your spaces—kitchen, family room—and let the dog join in.

   Edelman Leather | Authentic python on Edelman Leather parsons table.

Showroom showcase

One of the best leathers is the bold grain with nubuck finish offered on the Radical Collection chair designed by Massimo Castagna for Henge. This special grain is delivered by tumbling the hides at a specific temperature and specific time, which is an art in and of itself to find the right balance. Soft and sophisticated, while also conveying strength and a sense of comfort, this is a sofa to live in.

HENGE Radical Sofa | Designer Massimo Castagna


Leather underfoot.
Add allure and comfort to floors and walls. These durable tiles wear in beautifully, developing the rich patina that is the true indicator of the highest quality leather. Leather tiles absorb sound, stay cool in summer, keep warm in winter, and feel soft underfoot. They infuse a natural element anywhere.

Edelman Leather | World Expo Japan | Floor & Wall Tiles


Shine a light on leather.
The unique interpretation and use of leather on a series of lighting, Sungaya from Ochre, provides a unique accent and rich ambience for any home office or living space. The simplicity and honesty of form, together with the luxurious material, result in an understated elegance. The way the light plays with the leather is elusive and joyful.

Ochre | Sungaya Lamp | hand-stitched leather clad lamp base with matching tassel and silk shade.


A unique kitchen accent.
For a refined contrast, handles exquisitely wrapped in leather for the kitchens of the elite crowd reminds us of its durability and touchable texture.

Ochre | handles wrapped in saddle leather  fitted with patinated bronze, polished nickel or pewter knuckle(s).

Giorgetti | Borealis (left) | Milan Atelier

Not your 70s room divider.
For a twist, we look at the new screen designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Giorgetti, a room divider consisting of three rotating doors with aluminum and two-color leather bands. The seductive interplay of weaves creates a translucent effect. The fold of the single leather band is reminiscent of the sinuous light of the Aurora Borealis.

Versatile above all
The theme that runs through my love of leather is its versatility. This sumptuous, earthy, and touchable material creates a layered story that provokes the senses anywhere.

Visit our showroom, in person or online, to see how leather shines through it all.

Flamingo | Designer Centro Ricerche Giorgetti | Leather gaming table with four stations.

HENGE Vertigo Sofa | Designer Massimo Castagna | Leather blockboard structured sofa.

HENGE Ketch Armchair | Designer Massimo Castagna | leather chair with solid wood base.

"Sumptuous, earthy, and touchable material creates a layered story that provokes the senses anywhere." -Thomas Hunter


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