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Layers of Light

"Transform Your Life with Lighting."

Jay & Schuyler Sweet
About Boyd Lighting

A fourth-generation lighting atelier, Boyd Lighting is dedicated to creating uncompromisingly beautiful, artisan-made products. For the last century, Boyd has built a legacy of enduring designs handmade by craftspeople who care about every detail. Combining time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art LED technology, Boyd delivers exceptional lighting for inspired residential and commercial environments.

A Father & Son Team.

“I represent the first 100 years. Schuyler represents the next 100.”

We talked with third-generation owner Jay Sweet and his son Schuyler, the fourth generation, to learn more about their passion and commitment to the art of lighting. When asked about working with his dad, Schuyler shared that, “Dad loves lighting to his core.” While equally committed to the craftsmanship of lighting, Schuyler further embraces the latest technologies. They both love that they get to create something every day.

Layers of Light.

“Our lighting products are part of the designer’s orchestra. Sometimes we are featured solo performers, but most of the time, we complement the orchestra to create a transformative experience for the audience, our designer’s clients.” —Jay Sweet

If the lighting is done very well, sometimes you don’t even notice it. You are not focused on the lighting at all, but the experience. The lighting curates the spaces where you experience life. A combination of pieces—chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and task lighting, along with wall, table, floor, of flush mounts—create layers of light to form a beautiful overall impression.

Technology + Design = Ambience

Boyd creates simple, elegant fixtures paired with the latest technology. The pieces

provide solutions for architects and designers to perfect a space’s ambience.

Schuyler is passionate about integrating the latest technology into their products without sacrificing design. The team shared that it’s important to understand both the purpose of the light and the technology behind light. It is about great designs balanced with performance.

Lighting needs to compliment the space and should be changeable. Both light output and temperature—warm vs. cool—matter. Boyd Lighting products include a warm dim feature as standard in its LED lighting. As you dim the light, the temperature warms up. For even more changeability, tunable LEDs, which adjust temperature and brightness separately, are available as well.

What is Lighting?
Transformational & Transcendental.

“Lighting truly affects us. We can transform how one feels with lights.”—Schuyler Sweet

Boyd Lighting provides the tools that interior designers and architects need to achieve illuminating results:

  • Without good lighting, you can’t see the fabric, furniture, or color properly—you need the right lighting to see.
  • Lighting and design together achieve symmetry and focus.
  • We all have challenges large and small. When lighting is done right, we feel better and more comfortable.


What’s the Big Takeaway?

Lighting doesn’t need to be the focal point of the room. When you look at a space, the light isn’t shouting out—but it is transforming everything.

"Lighting needs to compliment the space and should be changeable. Both light output and temperature."

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