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What is the purpose of light—beyond just lighting our way through a space? 

We went on assignment, driven by our curiosity and questions about luxury lighting and light fixtures. We interviewed six industry luminaries, and our gurus to help shed some light on the world and art of lighting. No one story is like the other.

When I think about the extraordinary lighting brands and enchanting designers that we represent in our showroom, I immediately see the similarities in our missions, the ethos, and the passion by which we live and work.We all agree that we desire products made to last, both in quality and style. Lucky for Trammell-Gagné, they chose lighting as their path to a brighter future.


The Light Bulb Moments

I invite you to dig in and learn just what lighting means to the greatest of the greats—why they do it, how we all got here, and what’s next. Explore questions and answers to:

Are you as curious as I am about how lighting makes us feel? 

What is the intention of each design?

When we choose lighting, is it the form first or the function?

How has technology changed how we experience light?

How do you create ambience through lighting design?

What is the intention within each light fixture?

Why I Adore Lighting?

It brings out the best in our interiors. Great lighting design focuses your eyes on specific areas of a room and helps you experience the space as the designer intended.

Over time, I’ve taken up the practice of also noticing the shadows that a light fixture creates—not just the light that it gives off. Lighting is a favorite category of mine because designers and their clients are so inspired by it. In many cases, it’s an emotional purchase. Lighting is artful, architectural, and can be very sculptural.

Choosing the right lighting impacts utility, especially in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. It also creates a stunning ambiance. People may change out other parts of a room, but lighting remains at the core and can highlight what is most important in and to the space. 

In my home, there is an abundance of natural light during the day, but as the sun sets, being able to dim the light fixtures and set up “lighting scenes” through a Bluetooth app is a must for me. The magic of technology allows us to control the energy and essence of a space.

After all, without light, there is only darkness…(just kidding!)

-Thomas Hunter

Shed Some Light Industry Interviews

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Lights On. Conversations with the luminaries of lighting design. What is the purpose of light—beyond just lighting our way through

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